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About BCD® System

What is Building Cost Database® primary role ?
To provide data which will allow the end-user to check on his own knowledge and to provide a context for his own decision making.
Our system provides a baseline for costing comparison.
What is BCD® system all about ?
Building Cost Database® system is an on-line and interactive information service provider which disseminates current construction cost information for all involved in the Building & Construction industry
Is BCD system a solution or just an IT product ?
Building Cost Database® system focuses on the goal of offering solutions, rather than just information.
What is the thought behind BCD system's algorithm ?
If everyone in a department was asked, what it would cost to construct a brick wall, some will jump in and give a price, others will want more details what sort of bricks are we using? Who will supply the material?
And this may seem enough information for some, but others will still want more information ………..e.g. Is it an external or internal wall?..... What is the quantity in question? Etc……….
……..Only when all the details and information are known, can the pricing begin….
How relevant is the costing information found in BCD® ?
Building Cost Database® system provides the end–user with current market prices/cost based on real-time for the various facets of costing/ estimating of the construction industry.
What sort of information is available at BCD® ?
Building Cost Database® system disseminates a wealth of construction costing information as required by the various construction industry players
  • Building Cost per square meter Guide
  • Elemental Cost Analysis Guide
  • Composite Unit Rates Guide
  • Detailed Unit Rates Guide
  • Material Rates Guide
How is the costing information at BCD® updated / revised ?
We update / revised our costing information by using the source of cost components. By updating or revising a particular cost component, our system will interact with our other databases and update / revise it's respective cost component as established in the other databases.
Can BCD® system provide any form of cost comparison for different localities ?
The BCD® system also has the ability to perform "what-if analysis" based on current prices for different localities
We do not use a locality indices methodology to update or revise our costing information
How does BCD® system work ?
For the Building Cost per square meter and Elemental Cost Analysis Databases, our BCD® system revolves on historical information (Bills of Quantities) of the yester-years projects.
The data mining system revolves around updating real historical data (Bills of Quantities) with current market rates/cost , which is carried by a team of Registered Quantity Surveyors.
In a nut shell,
We will convert a yester–year Bills of Quantities (BQ) to today's Bills of Quantities (BQ) with current competitive rates /cost.
How does BCD® system adapt to price changes in the industry market?
Our BCD® system intelligently builds virtual building models based on the works and quantities as described in the yester-year BQ's .
And by linking our virtual building models with our Rate Database, our system will be able to disseminate current costing information based on the said virtual building models
In the event there is a change of material / labour cost for a particular work, this change will be reflected in the Rate Database and concurrently this price change will be reflected in our virtual building models.
How accurate are the information found in the BCD® system ?
Presently we have an understanding with a Registered Quantity Surveying Consultancy here in Malaysia where they will be responsible for auditing the costing information as found in the Building Cost Database® system thus ensuring the accuracy and currency of the disseminated information.
How does one gain access to the BCD® system ?
BCD® system is only available to it's subscribers
Members will be required to log into the Building Cost Database® system to access its information.
About Us
PLAN PLUS Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2002. In 2005, we changed our name to BCD ASIA Sdn. Bhd. A strategic move that we believe will strengthen our business position as we strive to provide quality and efficient services.

In the early 2007, BCD Asia Sdn. Bhd. was granted MSC status by Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (MDec).
BCD ASIA SDN. BHD. is a multi-disciplinary practice (MDP) where our business activities focus on the research, development and implementation of construction technologies solutions and rendering consultancy services for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.
The Conceptualisation of Building Cost Database®
Building Cost Database
In the late 1990s, during the days when the word "mega projects" was the buzz word for the building and construction industry in Malaysia, numerous professional consultants, ranging from architects, engineers and quantity surveyors saw the need within the construction industry for a comprehensive building and construction cost reference book.

From this early vision, BCD Cost Handbook was formulated, with the objective of providing a comprehensive and detailed building cost reference embracing all sections of the building industry.

With the advent of the Internet, this medium serves as a perfect medium for updating and disseminating information.Today, BCD Asia uses this medium to interact, to disseminate and deliver a string of their products and services on a secured and real–time environment.
Cost audited by
Veritas Contracts Sdn. Bhd is a Quantity Surveying Practice registered with the Board of Quantity Surveyors, Malaysia and has offices in Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Penang.

It is said that many variables have to be considered when estimating.

If everyone in a department was asked how much it would cost to hang a door, some will jump in and give a price, other will want more details. Who will supply the material? and this may seem enough information for some, but others will still want more information, e.g. Who is to do the painting? In what location? Is it a job located in the rural area? is there only one door to hang? etc.

Only when all the details are known, can the pricing begin, but there will be some variation in the price due to difference in material cost, but mainly due to variation in the time labor will take to do the job and although the difference are only small estimate here, on a similar ratio on a large project, it could be the difference between winning or losing a contact.
by Sr. Richard Raymond Dip.Arch. B.Build.(U.T. Sydney) M. Bus. (U.N.Castle - NSW) CQS FRISM AAIQS ACIArb.

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